Renovate Building #9 for HRC

Client/Designer: Cox Design Associates Inc/Entek Associates LLC
Owner: Veterans Affairs
Project Purpose: Provide new call center for VA patient scheduling

Building 90 is a 1940s concrete-frame, masonry-skin building converted to accommodate open-plan offices, conference rooms and support spaces. Besides a gross floor area of 51,300 square feet, new external additional spaces for mechanical spill areas, an entrance canopy, a generator building and a new pavilion are included in the project scope. Site works include a new utilities connection, sidewalk upgrades and parking area expansion.

All-new interior walls are gypsum on metal framing, and interior finishes and new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are standard for the space type. The exterior wall is upgraded with interior-skin insulation and vapor barriers. New triple pane-insulated glazing and aluminum-frame units replace all existing windows. Power andIT supply are included for fabricated office partitions.

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