America has a problem: Construction-cost overruns spiral out of control. And society pays the price. That’s why for us, construction is personal.

Of the 975 light- and heavy-industrial projects that the Construction
Industry Institute surveyed, only 5.4 percent met “best in class” when predicting
cost and schedule.

That’s why PCS has made it our mission to Improve Cost Certainty™ in the construction industry.

94.6%Projects that go over budget
14BPlant Vogtle cost overruns
770MWisconsin Highway cost overruns

Abandoned plans build a passion.

Over a decade ago the family church of our founder’s mother had to abandon its construction plans when the costs were not correctly estimated upfront.

Inspired by his mother’s story, PCS CEO Lee Thomas has been on a mission to create a company that protects construction clients and their interests.

As capital cost advisors, we are changing the paradigm. How? We independently and objectively quantify the complex relationship between ideas, architecture, engineering and construction. We do so at the start of the project to eliminate big problems at the end.

Our stand

Our mission at PCS is to provide cost certainty for the construction industry. We hold ourselves accountable to independently and objectively quantify the costs for making your dream a reality. For us, Construction is Personal™.

Lee_Thomas copy

Lee Thomas
Chairman & CEO

Please read and download our brochure highlights key examples of America’s construction problem and how PCS is uniquely qualified to shift this paradigm.

Our video reinforces why construction is personal.

Scope Definition

You have great project aspirations. We’ll help you quantify them from the start.

Budget Definition

See how we can track and measure your probable cost against performance.

Planning & Scheduling

Completing on-budget projects is crucial to your success. We can help.

Validation & Success

Minimizing risk is always in your best interest. We get that.


We help companies minimize risk and maximize success

  • Aviation
  • Health Care Industry
  • K-12 & Higher Education
  • Public Transportation & Infrastructure

Have questions?

PCS can work independently or as part of a team to deliver maximum value in both private and public sectors. To see how we can help you minimize risk and increase success, get in touch with us today.

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